Welcome to  This website is a totally free resource for Actors, Writers, Directors and anybody connected with our industry, namely, theatre.

This site has been developed as a free learning tool and resource for aspiring actors everywhere.  It will feature articles aimed at students, newcomers to the profession, and seasoned performers looking for further professional development.

I worked as a professional actor for several years before becoming the Artistic Director of a small professional touring theatre company in 2007.  During this time I feel I have acquired a little wisdom along the way which I will attempt to share.  However, this site is not about me, nor do I wish it to reflect my views alone!  Instead, it is a forum for anybody working in or interested in the world of theatre.  It will, in time feature articles by a number of individuals working in our trade, but I am hoping that the best content will come from you, the subscriber.  We hope that articles featured here will inspire discussion and debate within this community helping others to reach their own conclusions.

I hope you enjoy this site and find it useful.  If you like what you see, please help us to grow this community by spreading the word!

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